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I started to work from home about 8 years ago that’s when i became an internet marketer.

I consider myself a very lucky individual to be doing something that fits into my home life and that i really enjoy.

I know a lot of people who started internet marketing a long time before me some before the Internet was even born.

I can’t even begin to imagine how network marketing has changed over the years from when there was no internet, i have only ever known Online Internet Marketing.

I have grown up in the age of social media, with Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and all the others, so to work from home has been a joy for me.

To be able to reach the masses instantly from home is just incredible and that’s exactly what Social Media and Social Networking allows internet marketers to do.

For me Social Media has a Symbiotic relationship with Blogging. My opinion is that neither element Social Media or Blogging  is strong on it’s own but together and combined you have something very very powerful.

You can post tweets and comments about a site but then your really just working with activity marketing and that’s not really that much more different than picking up the phone and ringing 20 or 30 people.

You post a tweet or comment it passes down the screen off the page and promotion benefit drops away and then you have to start again and repeat the process. Of course there is nothing wrong with this and i am sure many marketers work from home in this way very successfully me included but what if you combined your activity marketing with your own blog site or viral blogging system, your efforts would then increase the ranking of your articles and as a result suddenly your pages are seen on search engines and when your activity marketing finishes for the day your residual marketing continues on while your watching a movie and enjoying some family time.

You have created marketing and promotion momentum. Your days social media activity has a very positive effect that continues to work on when you have long stopped.

That for me is the best work from home strategy and the best way to build your business and work from home opportunities.

But Wait I Have Good News!

You can take this strategy and make it even more powerful!

Building The Best Work From Home Business With CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite

So a very powerful Work From Home Strategy would be to combine your social media activity with blogging to produce residual online marketing, online marketing  momentum that continues to work even though you have stopped for the night.

But all of this is very time consuming. To write a good article can take you the best part of a day and if your producing the next best viral blog then your not hitting the social media sites to promote your opportunities or home business.

So what is the answer?

Well the good news is we are moving into the age of Social Media Management. There have always been social media management sites but they are now really starting to gain force and become a marketing requirement and a promoting asset. You really have to be on top of the management of all your social sites because there are just so many that we now use.

A lot of peoples opinions about working from home is that it is easy and you work when you want, which is true. When your working at home you choose when and for how long but then we all know to get lasting results you need to put in the hours and the leg work. With a Social Media Management strategy adopted you suddenly have an invisible work from home business assistant, a virtual assistant working for you. Your social media management requirements are covered.

With the employment of a Social Media Management and Monitoring Platform you suddenly have all the Tweets covered the Facebook made the group posts all scheduled at times of your choice, your online brand being monitored so you know who is talking about you. Suddenly your activity marketing is not an 8 hour day its full 24 hour day.

Your now able to post at optimum times for global reach. To get your business, your opportunities you blog out there to be seen 24/7 globally.

Every country is wide awake when your promoting. Forget the city that never sleeps. Your now in the the online promoting world and you never sleep.

Your no longer finishing your work from home day when America is starting theirs. Or starting when Australia is finishing. You don’t want to be doing that, that’s not a good working at  home strategy to adopt.

Introducing The CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite Work From Home Opportunity

CashUnite and MultiSocialSuite is a Social Media Management Platform and Viral Blogging System and ViralMedia Platform.

Now with that last sentence that i wrote i hope the light bulb just came on.


Work From Home LightBulb

Has The Work From Home Light Bulb Come On?

Do you remember how we create residual marketing?  We combine Social Media Management with Blogging and build online momentum.

Well with CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite we have social media management and viral blogging combined it’s the complete online promotion tool suite.

But there is more! CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite is not just a social media management platform and viral blogging system it is also a phenomenal work from home business opportunity.

CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite pays its Digital Partners 100% Commissions to Infinity in width and depth.

Every time a Digital Partner signs up a new paying CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite affiliate to the business a 100% commission is paid out. And this compensation plan is to Infinity, its endless.

If you have the ability build a downline of 1 million CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite affiliates ( please please please sign up with me;) ) then that’s exactly what you have 1 million affiliates. The number of members you can recruit is limit less and your commissions under the CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite compensation plan are limitless. It is a phenomenal compensation plan!


We have established that combining social media activity with blogging creates a killer social media strategy that will have an incredibly positive effect on your work from home efforts.

Combine this strategy with a social media management strategy and suddenly you have your very own virtual assistant who works 24/7  blasting your work from home business opportunity to success and at the same time adding the CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite Affiliate Income Stream to your work from home business portfolio and paying you limitless 100% commissions to Infinity.

I have one final question… Do you really believe you can afford not to become a CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite Social Media Management Digital Partner Afilliate?

You deserve every advantage you can give yourself in the market place that will help you build the best work from strategy, a strategy that is so powerful that you have time on your side again

Take your working at home strategy to the next level! Build an online income that gives you the lifestyle that you and your family deserves.

Hire yourself a CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite virtual work from home assistant today and build any online business!

Work From Home Social Media Management Strategy With CashUnite

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