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Are You Ready To Finally Get Paid?

Let’s Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite provides you with all the social media tools that you need to take your business ventures to the next level and beyond.

Gain unrivaled Viral Reach with the MultiSocialSuite Social Media Management Dashboard. Effortlessly share to all your social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

With the MultiSocialSuite Viral Blogging System you can create content rich viral articles. Upload your video and images to the Viral Media Center and incorporate them into your Viral Blogs and propel your social media brand onto Google.

Lets Get Paid To Connect is the ultimate social media management platform and  Social Media Management is now a Home Based Business with Lets Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite.


7 Reasons Why Let’s Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite
Will Change Your Life

  1.  Free up more time for yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if you had more time to do the things that you want to do well? With Let’s Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite you are given the tools to run your home business on autopilot even while you sleep. You have to admit that’s pretty spectacular.  With the revolutionary MultiSocialSuite Social Media Management Dashboard you can schedule messages in advance to be sent to one or all of your social networks. Gone are the days are being tied to your desk to interact with others .
  2. Connect with more people around the world. Want to expand your global reach? Great news the MultiSocialSuite Management Dashboard helps you broaden your horizons with just a single click. All your messages and content is optimized to be found all over the Internet.
  3. Manage all your social networks from one place. Plan regular communications with your friends family or followers. MultiSocialSuite allows you to schedule messages across all social platforms instantly.
  4.  Take control of your communication. Log into the MultiSocialSuite Dashboard to manage all your social networks, Facebook, Twitter Google+ LinkedIn are all supported and many more with just one single login.
  5. Share things you’re passionate about. We all love using social media. When you join Let’s Get Paid To Connect With CashUnite you can express your passions and interests globally in just a few clicks plus you get paid for doing what you love. How cool 100% Commissions To Infinity.
  6. Freedom to work when and where you like. It’s the laptop lifestyle you deam of, release the shackles now by choosing to run a Let’s Get Paid To Connect CashUnite Business. You could be doing what you love from the comfort your sofa while working the times you choose, it’s all about taking action.
  7. Put your destiny in your own hands. Want to take control of your own life and enrich those around you. Make the best decision in your life and join Let’s Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite. Thousands of people from all over the world are already changing their lives. How can you say no?


CashUnite Webinar – Official Webinar Replays

CashUnite Webinar Replays

I have set up a YouTube playlist for the recorded CashUnite Webinars.

As a new Webinar replay is produced it will be added to the top of the Webinar playlist so all you have to do is press play to watch the most recent CashUnite Webinar

If you watch past the most recent Webinar it will roll on to the replay of the previous weeks CashUnite Webinar.

I would love to hear your comments on what is said on the webinars, so please do take the time to comment below

To your continued success!

Regards Dexter


Here is a small section of an article that i have written here on CashUnite Signup. It explains my strategy to use CashUnite to manage your social media sites to make money online while working from home. Click the Title To View The Full Article.


I have grown up in the age of social media, with FacebookTwitterGoogle +1 and all the others, so to work from home has been a joy for me.

To be able to reach the masses instantly from home is just incredible and that’s exactly what Social Media and Social Networking allows internet marketers to do.

For me Social Media has a Symbiotic relationship with Blogging. My opinion is that neither element Social Media or Blogging  is strong on it’s own but together and combined you have something very very powerful.

You can post tweets and comments about a site but then your really just working with activity marketing and that’s not really that much more different than picking up the phone and ringing 20 or 30 people.

CashUnite - Reasons to join CashUnite


CashUnite Offers Some Of The Easiest Ways To Make Money Online

CashUnite is the ultimate work from home business and social media management platform. We already know how to make money with CashUnite, we sell the MultiSocialSuite Platform but the question is how do we use CashUnite and MultiSocialSuite to make money online and grow our other work from home opportunities.

Make Money Online With CashUnite

Firstly im going to assume that you have joined Cashunite and are ready to get started and to make some money online. If you havn’t then WHAT!!!  click the graphic above and make an account, still have doubt’s then you need to head over to my Work From Home With CashUnite Article right now where i outline a killer work from home strategy that will help your to make money online and have you making money online in no time at all and inspire you to find other ways to make money online. Make a CashUnite Digital Partner Account Now! Read the rest of this entry

Work From Home With CashUnite

Work from home ad


I started to work from home about 8 years ago that’s when i became an internet marketer.

I consider myself a very lucky individual to be doing something that fits into my home life and that i really enjoy.

I know a lot of people who started internet marketing a long time before me some before the Internet was even born.

I can’t even begin to imagine how network marketing has changed over the years from when there was no internet, i have only ever known Online Internet Marketing.

I have grown up in the age of social media, with Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and all the others, so to work from home has been a joy for me.

To be able to reach the masses instantly from home is just incredible and that’s exactly what Social Media and Social Networking allows internet marketers to do. Read the rest of this entry

 100% Commissions Have Kicked In At CashUnite

Here is a screen capture of my first 100% commission from a Silver CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite Digital Partner Affiliate that i have just recruited into my CashUnite Business.

100% commissions have kicked in on cashunite

100% Commission From A Silver Affiliate. CashUnite Now Paying 100% Commissions

If your not sure what CashUnite is then please take a look at my review blog http://www.cashunitesignup.com/cashunite-review

If You would like to talk more then feel free to skype me, my skype add is ptcworldsocial

Get paid 100% commissions to Infinity AWESOME – Making money online has never been easier

Take a look at the video below, again it shows the screen capture above but then goes on to show a short explanation on how the new CashUnite Infinity Compensation Plan works and how you can be making money online straight away.

I would love to have you in my team and be able to help you build your team and help you get page 1 results with Google.

So we’re finally under way with the NEW 100% AGGRESSIVE Pay Plan!

Making Money Online Has Never Been Easier

CashUnite is Paying YOU Down to INFINITY!
Confused about what has changed? Allow me to explain:

• You earn 100% Sales Commissions on EVERY ODD numbered person you personally recruit.

• You then earn 100% Sales Commissions on EVERY EVEN numbered person your ODD numbered users personally recruit AND Their EVEN NUMBERS down to INFINITY!

If you refer any active PAID Digital Partners to the MultiSocialSuite Social Media  Management services as of today, the commissions structure will be based on the NEW 100% Infinity Pay Plan.

If you subscribed at the time when we launched the program on the 14th October, your team below you may have also subscribed on that same date. You will therefore see the majority of your team pay on that date with their active subscription and you could be eligible for 100% Sales Commissions based on the new structure.

Your earnings would not have changed in an instant when the Pay Plan went live. The new Pay Plan is based on any NEW or existing subscriptions in YOUR Network that could become PAID today or when THEIR subscription renews in your Network. You will earn these 100% Sales Commissions if you are eligible. By eligible, we mean if they are coded to you as a “Pass Up” with the new payment structure.

Do you have any questions about anything? Leave me a comment or Skype Ptcworldsocial.

There will be a new back office training video, that will allow you to better understand how everything works in your account. Expect to receive this tomorrow!


Regards Dexter


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