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How to Rank Images On Google With Pinterest And Content Curation

There are two types of content that Google really loves and looks for in any post that you make on your blog or article site. And the two types of content are YouTube Videos and Images.  The major search engines even set aside search sections, you have Google Images and you have Yahoo Images to name but a few. So you need to be using all forms of content curation to boost your image rankings.

How To Rank Images – Getting Started Guide

How to rank images is like any kind of promoting it’s really just a case of getting your images out there. Firstly you need to set out the boundaries of your image.

For example if you are promoting a home based business, for example CashUnite then you would probably take images from the main affiliate site to use on your article. But what you need to remember is if you copy the image direct to your article it carries all the information from the site you take it from, the name, the link to the image the link where the image links to etc etc.

You need to make the image your own if you want it to rank for you otherwise if it does rank it will just rank for the site you have taken it from. So the first thing to do is right click the image and save the image to your desktop or image folder.

At this stage you need to be renaming your image, so if we go back to our CashUnite example you would rename the image CashUnite Home Based Business or CashUnite Work From Home Program, what your doing is trying to add in search terms or keywords into the title that are relevant to the page your going to be adding the images to.

The next step is to crop and resize the images, we want them to be unique so make them a different size to the original. And we also want to make them stand out as much as possible, so we could put a border around the image or we could add some text with just a simple paint program.

Once we have our image named and re sized you can just upload it to your blog. The uploaded images are now relevant to your blog and unique in size and description. Now to get them seen its all about sharing them. Read the rest of this entry

Do You Use The Images On Your Site For Best Results?

Images and YouTube Videos make the difference between a good and a bad blog articles

Lets think about images for a second. What is the purpose of an image on a blog article? Well for me it is to bring engagement, interaction and appeal to the article and also to bring an exit strategy, i will talk more about the exit strategy a bit later.

People love images just look at Pinterest and how fast that Social Media Site is growing. We love just looking through images and collecting them. Pinterest has made a Social Media Business out of this Business Model.

So What Is the Best Way To Use Images On Your Articles And Sites?

Well let me give you an example of how i am using images to build my MultiSocialSuite Social Media Management Business. Firstly if you have just found this page on Google and are not sure what CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite is or infact what Social Media Management is then please refer to my review article, just click the title for the full article

So What Is CashUnite and MultiSocialSuite? – CashUnite Review

CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite is a Multi Sharing Platform. A Social Media Management Platform. A Social Media Monitoring System. A Viral Blogging System and a Viral Media System. Competitors to CashUnite would be social media management sites like  Hootsuite, Sendibles and TweetDeck and comparisons to the Viral Blogging System would be Empower Network or Pure Leverage.

and here is a snippet that explains what Social Media Management is, just click the title to read the full post

Social Media Management 

Social Media encompasses many web based platforms and internet tools and that brings inherent problems to the internet marketer, the small business owner and indeed the big business owner.

There are just so many social media avenues to explore investigate and use that the whole application and monitoring process becomes tedious and tiresome and very time consuming, but there is a solution.

You need to adapt and incorporate a proactive social media management strategy and monitoring strategy. I am sure that those who do not have a clear social media management strategy spend countless hours marketing their business or business opportunities and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ok so let’s move onto an example of how to use Images to build your business.

CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite comes with a feature called Viral Media. It’s a place where you can build image libraries and then share the images to all your social sites, when people visit the images they are bringing traffic to your MultiSocialSuite Viral Media Pages and these pages carry your affiliate sign up link so you can then make commission sales as viewers purchase the CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite – Social Media Management System.

But Lets Take This A Step Or 2 Further And Really Get Some Value Out Of The System

Normally when you post an article you just upload the images direct to the blog site, so if you use Blogger you would add the images to Blogger, or WordPress direct to WordPress. Well what if you just used the images from the MultiSocialSuite Viral Media Platform, the image then links back to your MultiSocialSuite account and brings in traffic where as a direct image uploaded to Blogger or where ever does not, it can link out to a sign up page but there are going to be lots of occasions when the image links nowhere depending on your niche market.

Say you post an article on Interior Design and you add a room design image but it does nothing really, like i said you could link the image to a business but to make sense it needs to be a related niche business. How ever if you take the images from a gallery you have curated on MultiSocialSuite then there is every reason for the link back as that is where the image is actually stored and in this case your using the CashUnite – MultisocialSuite Viral Media Platform as image hosting that benefits you as your bringing people into your CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite Social Media Mangement Business. Doing this also gives your article an image exit strategy. People often visit articles and just leave after a few seconds, now if they are not interested in the article they are not interested but what if an image catches their attention and they then click, they leave your article but the exit leads to your MultiSocialSuite Viral Images, where you have share buttons etc, they may even then use the image on their own article or send it off to Pinterest and guess what it links back to you. Making your images work for you is a strategy that you simple must adopt. Google even advises that images have their own landing pages that offer more image information, that is officially in the Google Guidelines as good practice.

Now Lets Squeeze Even More Juice Out Of Your Images

Ok you now get traffic and backlinks to your CashUnite – MultiSocialSuite Viral Media Platform and your images have an exit strategy to get as much as you can from your visitors. Now it’s time to then add your images to Pinterest, you can pin them directly from your blog or you can pin them directly from MultiSocialSuite the choice is yours. But what you can do with MultiSocialSuite is to add images that you don’t even use and then still get a bunch of hits and backlinks. Let me explain more.

I found this image on Pinterest so i downloaded it and added it to my MultiSocialSuite Viral Media Platform, i then re pinned it to Pinterest, i then got a stack of re pins and likes all linking back to MultiSocialSuite, why because people wanted to collect that image on their own boards.


Let’s Get Paid To Connect – CashUnite

Are You Ready To Finally Get Paid?

Let’s Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite provides you with all the social media tools that you need to take your business ventures to the next level and beyond.

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With the MultiSocialSuite Viral Blogging System you can create content rich viral articles. Upload your video and images to the Viral Media Center and incorporate them into your Viral Blogs and propel your social media brand onto Google.

Lets Get Paid To Connect is the ultimate social media management platform and  Social Media Management is now a Home Based Business with Lets Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite.


7 Reasons Why Let’s Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite
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  1.  Free up more time for yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if you had more time to do the things that you want to do well? With Let’s Get Paid To Connect and CashUnite you are given the tools to run your home business on autopilot even while you sleep. You have to admit that’s pretty spectacular.  With the revolutionary MultiSocialSuite Social Media Management Dashboard you can schedule messages in advance to be sent to one or all of your social networks. Gone are the days are being tied to your desk to interact with others .
  2. Connect with more people around the world. Want to expand your global reach? Great news the MultiSocialSuite Management Dashboard helps you broaden your horizons with just a single click. All your messages and content is optimized to be found all over the Internet.
  3. Manage all your social networks from one place. Plan regular communications with your friends family or followers. MultiSocialSuite allows you to schedule messages across all social platforms instantly.
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CashUnite Webinar – Official Webinar Replays

CashUnite Webinar Replays

I have set up a YouTube playlist for the recorded CashUnite Webinars.

As a new Webinar replay is produced it will be added to the top of the Webinar playlist so all you have to do is press play to watch the most recent CashUnite Webinar

If you watch past the most recent Webinar it will roll on to the replay of the previous weeks CashUnite Webinar.

I would love to hear your comments on what is said on the webinars, so please do take the time to comment below

To your continued success!

Regards Dexter


Here is a small section of an article that i have written here on CashUnite Signup. It explains my strategy to use CashUnite to manage your social media sites to make money online while working from home. Click the Title To View The Full Article.


I have grown up in the age of social media, with FacebookTwitterGoogle +1 and all the others, so to work from home has been a joy for me.

To be able to reach the masses instantly from home is just incredible and that’s exactly what Social Media and Social Networking allows internet marketers to do.

For me Social Media has a Symbiotic relationship with Blogging. My opinion is that neither element Social Media or Blogging  is strong on it’s own but together and combined you have something very very powerful.

You can post tweets and comments about a site but then your really just working with activity marketing and that’s not really that much more different than picking up the phone and ringing 20 or 30 people.

CashUnite - Reasons to join CashUnite


CashUnite Offers Some Of The Easiest Ways To Make Money Online

CashUnite is the ultimate work from home business and social media management platform. We already know how to make money with CashUnite, we sell the MultiSocialSuite Platform but the question is how do we use CashUnite and MultiSocialSuite to make money online and grow our other work from home opportunities. Make Money Online With CashUnite Firstly im going to assume that you have joined Cashunite and are ready to get started and to make some money online. If you havn’t then WHAT!!!  click the graphic above and make an account, still have doubt’s then you need to head over to my Work From Home With CashUnite Article right now where i outline a killer work from home strategy that will help your to make money online and have you making money online in no time at all and inspire you to find other ways to make money online. Make a CashUnite Digital Partner Account Now! Read the rest of this entry

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